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....Come on Alex 
19th-Jun-2009 10:43 pm
 Listen, I Love Alex G to death, but what is he doing? He's been VERY busy making all kinds of music....but it's neither his nor Phantom Planet's. He's produced quite a few records now (I can't remember all of the bands...I think Michael Runion was one of them.) He's also helped the Like with their new album. He's done JJAMZ stuff, which is exciting, but they haven't posted any new stuff on their myspace page for a while, and their shows are scattered to say the least. Now he's involved in Mark Ronson's new album to some extent. IS HE EVER GONNA MAKE HIS SOLO ALBUM?!?! He hasn't mentioned it ONCE on twitter, and I'm starting to get worried that he's slowing down on the writing and making music train. Producing is cool and all, but it's HIS STUFF that I can't stop listening to. I wonder if he's making the album, but simply not letting the world know? That would be swell, but it seems like something he would chat about on twitter. One of the members mentioned that they may work on Negatives 3 durring the hiatus while seperated, or do it when they are done with their long break....maybe I made that part up in my head....I just don't know anymore. It's been over half a year since the hiatus began....and I just can't take it. Now on that note. COME ON JEFF, DARREN AND SAM...........JUST DO SOMETHING!!!! (ok, Sam is excused because of the little soon-to-be bundle of joy).........I want some Phan Plan, or at least some Al Greenwald to keep me going. Other bands can only keep my attention for so long! Well, at least Rooney and the Strokes are in the studio: that could tie me over. I know I ranted about this a while ago on Phantom Planet Online.....but I think the Ronson thing set me off again. Sure, I'm excited for a song or two with alex in there.....but I NEED to hear a recorded version of "Baby don't you Cry"...or I WILL spontaneously combust. That is all, goodnight.
20th-Jun-2009 03:08 pm (UTC) - GO TO TWITTER!!!!
"Ok, here's the deal. If you want to hear new shit, let me know. If enough of you do, I'll put a new record on iTunes in the next few days."-Alecksu on twitter
I have a strange feeling that he saw this...that seems crazy, but it's just weird timing. If that's the truth...I feel like a D-bag. If Alex DOES read this...sorry.

20th-Jun-2009 03:30 pm (UTC) - Re: GO TO TWITTER!!!!
i told him. bahahaha. god i hope more people did too.
20th-Jun-2009 03:31 pm (UTC) - Re: GO TO TWITTER!!!!
yeah....I Searched "@Alecksu" on twitter....there were quite a few replies for it being so late when he posted it.
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