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10th-Jul-2009 05:25 am

Selling these two posters to anyone interested.

Left is official poster for their self titled album.
Hung up using blu-tack. Excellent condition.

Right is the ad they did for LEVI'S Jeans.
Jason and Jacques are in it. I think this is one of the first endorsements they did.
On the back is The Donnas.
Never hung, but has stickytape on the edges of The Donnas side. Excellent condition.

Both posters are extremely rare.
Random dvds and PS3 games used as weight not included, obviously.

Am asking for $35 EACH, SHIPPING INCLUDED.
Australian buyers can pay using AUD, everyone else has to pay in USD.
Paypal for international buyers, bank deposit for Aussies.
Kind of pricey, i know, but shipping poster tubes is a huge arsing pain and shipping them costs a bit.

Comment to this entry or email greenchucks@gmail.com.

Thanks! (x-posted)
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