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11th-Nov-2008 09:03 pm - soo.
alex heartglasses

Seeing as I'm new, and the community isn't up to much,
I'mma make a post.


How have you guys been liking the blogs they've posted on the FBR channel? 
Are you excited for the Dropped video? Any predictions as to what it'll be like?
Also, a headlining tour was mentioned for February...who do you think should be on it with them? 

4th-Sep-2008 11:47 am - daytrotter sessions finally
i don't know if anyone here looks at daytrotter but, everyday they have a different artist come in and play 3-5 songs in their studio and then they make the songs available for free download and write an article about it....today's band is phantom planet....so head on over to daytrotter.com and download the songs...

"ship lost at sea"
"raise the dead"
"leave yourself for somebody else"

haha, alex also had laryngitis so his voice sounds really interesting

4th-Aug-2008 11:05 pm - just to remind everyone

tickets are on sale now!!

who's all going?!?
21st-Jul-2008 10:14 pm - finally, i did it.

7th-Jul-2008 01:06 am - 2004 phantom planet concert
here's an album of olddddd pictures from an april 2004 show in rhode island

click here...
25th-Jun-2008 01:56 pm - e-mailszz

dear sam,
& yes, there sure was a recording, a VHS i got for like, 10 bucks. it was for fan club members only i believe. i miss the family. :(

in the meantime, some friends & i have started a livejournal community called bigbrats, so we're sort of becoming an unofficial "super-fan club" ourselves. there aren't very many of us yet, but we're getting there.
we're also kind-of sister sites with the new phantomplanetonline. com which Frances recently launched. i've met so many "internet friends" all over the country by being a phantom planet fan. it's actually very cool.

thanks for the reply.
see you in august!

love, heidi


awesome! thank you for the support, checking it out now
23rd-Jun-2008 01:20 am - fanclub...
nothing to write home about, but sam farrar says:
"we'll get some fanclub stuff going at some point i'm sure"
direct quote.

& i told him about this community & phantomplanetonline.com too.
so yay us.

23rd-Jun-2008 01:05 am - YOUTUBE!
yes, i am all over this shit: phantom planet acoustic in boston
i'm the fatty in white, smoking cigarettes the whole fucking time, who requested every smeeping song.
17th-Jun-2008 04:10 pm - WOW
this layout is flippin sweet!
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